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Easy to use

The graphical user interface ( GUI) contains all main functions to work with the PICOSCALE:

  • Connection to the PICOSCALE Controller (USB or Ethernet)
  • Adjustment: The signal quality can be easily optimized using a Lissajous pattern and a “signal quality” bar. A subsequent fully automated optimization routine guarantees highest accuracy and performance.
  • Data processing, visualisation and export
  • Configuration and control of all PICOSCALE Modules
  • Setting up GPIO interface





Quick and Convenient Alignment

The SmarAlign window is a user-friendly feature that is included in the standard PICOSCALE Sensor Head (PS-SH-C01). With the help of the fully integrated, visible pilot laser beam the sensor head and probe mirror can be aligned to superimpose the reference and probe beam at the beam splitter and thus to quickly obtain high signal quality. read more


General Purpose Input/Output Interface (GPIO)
The PICOSCALE GPIO interface allows very flexible data input/output to/from the PICOSCALE and convenient integration into complex experimental periphery, especially in combination with the available firmware features “Advanced Trigger”, “Signal Generator” and “Calculation System” ( Software Modules). Position data are also provided by industry standard AquadB links. All signals can be accessed conveniently via the PICOSCALE Breakout-Box.



Both USB and Ethernet connectivity is provided in every PICOSCALE and allows very high data rates. Up to two users can connect to a single PICOSCALE Controller allowing remote data extraction, for example.



Digital Differential Interface
The PICOSCALE Digital Differential Interface (DDI) provides direct transfer of position data in two different modes.

    • Serial data working principle. The interface provides a clock and corresponding position data. The user can define word size, resolution, clock rate, and polarity of the signals.
    • AquadB working principle. The user can define resolution/step size and step frequency (up to 20 MHz).


Firmware Modules
The Clock Generator module as well as the Counter module are provided with every PICOSCALE Controller. Basic trigger functionality is also included to allow for triggered data collection. Additionaly we offer powerful firmware upgrades that broaden the application range of the PICOSCALE:

    • Advanced TriggerExtremely powerful software package to interface the PICOSCALE in complex experimental periphery.
    • Calculation SystemPowerful FPGA-based calculation unit to perform high-speed and realtime calculations.
    • Signal GeneratorBasic signal generator functionaliy to output standard or custom shapes through the GPIO interface.