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PicoScale SmarAlign Window

Convenient initial alignment of PicoScale sensor heads and targets.

Working Principle

The SmarAlign window is a user-friendly feature that is included in most PicoScale Sensor Heads (e.g. PS-SH-C01). With the help of the fully integrated, visible pilot laser beam the sensor head and probe mirror can be aligned to superimpose the reference and probe beam at the beam splitter and thus to quickly obtain high signal quality.

In general the PicoScale requires only one output port of the beam splitter to measure displacements — and the other one is spare. In the sensor heads this open port is coarsely ground so that the light beams are scattered here. When the probe mirror is misaligned with respect to the sensor head, two spots are visible. By steering either of the two components, the two spots can be brought to overlap. It is then ensured that reference and probe beam can interfere. When the sensor head and probe mirror are aligned coarsely, the PicoScale GUI can be used to further optimize the signal quality.