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Performance and Applications

On this page you find a selection of a application notes related to the PicoScale. Convince yourself on the great flexibility and the outstanding performance as well as the powerful software modules delivered with your PicoScale!

If you miss any performance measurement or want to suggest an application, please don’t hesitate to contact us and benefit from the immediate and extensive customer support.

PicoScale resolution and stability

The position stability of the interferometer is an important performance benchmark. The PicoScale interferometer achieves stabilities in the sub-nm region and can detect vibrations with single-pm amplitudes, which is proven with the measurements described in this application note.

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Radial runout correction

In industrial manufacturing, radial runout is an well-known issue. In this application note we will show how the radial runout of a rotating pin is measured with two PicoScale sensor heads. It is also shown how this runout is corrected with a two-dimensional translation stage.

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Signal analysis with PicoScale

Signal analysis is a familiar used method in technical and scientific disciplines to analyze the properties of time signals and waveforms. Here, we present the functionality of SmarAct’s PicoScale to detect and calculate the Fourier spectrum of oscillations and dynamic shifts from objects on different length scales with highest time and spacial resolution. This ability makes the PicoScale a very powerful tool for challenges in the fields of nanotechnology and microsystem engineering, where signal analysis ranging from the millimeter length scale (10−3 m) down to the very small picometer length scale (10−12 m) are of interest.

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High speed displacement measurements

Today’s quality control standards stipulate an ever increasing precision of milled or otherwise produced parts. To achieve this precision, the errors and deviations of the production tools have to be measured with extremely high accuracy. Furthermore, the measurements have to be carried out with high bandwidths in order to discern aberrations at high frequencies. The PicoScale interferometer is ideally suited for this task.

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More application notes

Here you find links to other pages where more applications of the PicoScale are presented: