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Advanced Trigger

Advanced Trigger

Quick facts

The Advanced Trigger Software module is an optional firmware feature for your PicoScale system. Almost every data source can be chosen to configure up to eight trigger sources. Each trigger can be output via the digital GPIO interface or be used as input for many other internal software modules.

Possible applications are:

  • Synchronization with external devices like function generators
  • Triggered data acquisition
  • Alert system in case of unforeseen events, e.g. loss of interferometer signal

The Advanced Trigger Module is a chargeable firmware option you can purchase at any time (Order code PS-SP-AT). However, SmarAct offers an evaluation time of 80 hours with every PicoScale. Convince yourself!

Application Notes

Advanced Trigger

Synchronization of the PicoScale with an external function generator

In this application note, we synchronize an external function generator with the PicoScale streaming system. The function generator generates a frequency sweep as well as start and stop triggers. This way, the data is only acquired when the function generator sweeps a frequency. The setup is used to characterize the PicoScale internal digital filters.

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