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Signal Generator

Signal Generator

Quick facts

The Signal Generator Module is an optional firmware feature for your PicoScale system. It allows to define up to five standard and customized signal shapes that can be output via the analog GPIO interface. The standard shapes are sine, rectangular and sawtooth while arbitrary custom shapes are uploadable to the PicoScale as look-up tables. Using the PicoScale Breakout-Box (BOB), the signals can conveniently be accessed at BNC pins.

Possible applications are:

  • Basic signal generator functionality
  • Excitation of targets and analysis of their frequency response
  • Generate stick-slip actuation signal for SmarAct positioners

The Signal Generator Module is a chargeable firmware option you can purchase at any time (Order code PS-SP-ASG). However, SmarAct offers an evaluation time of 80 hours with every PicoScale. Convince yourself!