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Customized Sensor Heads

SmarAct offers to customize basically every product. Please find below a list of options available for the PicoScale Sensor Heads as well as the corresponding order code. For any option not listed please contact SmarAct.

Head type

Different head types are available:

  • C01: Sensor head for most common applications optimized for moderate working distances and angular working ranges.
  • F01: Sensor head with focused probe beam to measure on small targets. Limited working ranges but high angular tolerances.

Focal length

Only applies for focusing heads F01:

  • focal length measured from housing in milli-meters. Please contact SmarAct.

Vacuum/cryostat options

PicoScale sensor heads by default are designed to operate in ambient conditions. However, we offer vacuum and ultra-high vacuum compatibility of our sensor heads. Operation in cryogenic environment is possible as well.

  • HV: down to 10-6 mbar
  • UHV: down to 10-11 mbar
  • CRYO: Please contact SmarAct

Reference mirror position

PicoScale sensor heads are based on a miniaturized Michelson interferometer with one mirror directly coated on one of the beam splitter’s surfaces and thus providing an intrinsically stable reference arm. This reference mirror is usually coated to one of the side faces. Other options are possible:

  • FR: Reference mirror is coated on the front face of the beam splitter so that the probe beam exits the sensor head perpendicularly. This can be useful in setups with specific space constraints.
  • ER: External reference. No reference mirror is coated to the beam splitter and two probe beams exit the sensor head. The reference mirror can be provided by the user and differential position measurements of two targets are possible.

Optics options

PicoScale sensor heads can be featured with different optics:

  • BSR80: The beam splitter ratio of the Michelson interferometer has a 80:20 ratio to provide higher power in the probe beam. This feature increases the signal quality of measurements with low reflection targets.

Housing material

The standard housing material of PicoScale sensor heads is titanium. Optionally, other materials are available:

  • Steel
  • Aluminum
  • no housing

Other materials on request.

Fiber type

PicoScale sensor heads and the controller are interfaced with an optical fiber. As standard, the sensor heads are equipped with a fiber in a 900 µm jacket. Other options are:

  • Option A: 150 µm bare fiber with polyimide coating
  • Option B: 3 mm stainless steel tubing (UHV compatible)

Other fiber types on request.

Housing dimensions

The PicoScale sensor heads can be housed in sleeves with almost any dimension. Generally, we design our heads to be as compact as possible. Any larger size is possible. We can provide housings with circular or rectangular footprint. Please contact us to discuss your needs.

Fiber length

The standard fiber length of our sensor heads is 1500 mm. However, different lengths are available on request.