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Sensor Head C01

Sensor Head C01

Quick Facts

PicoScale sensor head designed for the most universal displacement measurement tasks.

Output beamWaist diameter Ø ≈ 400 µm (collimated)
Working rangeup to 500 mm ( read more)
SmarAlign windowYes ( read more)
HousingØ4 mm x 13 mm (material: titanium)
Vacuum/Ultra-High Vacuum CompatibilityOptional

For more options see the customization overview.

C01 Operation Principle

The C01 is a sensor head for the PicoScale based on aMichelson laser interferometer. In the C01 sensor head, the laser beam is collimated to a waist diameter of approximately 400µm. Due to the collimation, the laser beam’s divergence angle is reduced which allows to perform displacement measurements at working distances of up to 650 mm.

The open port of the C01 sensor head is equipped with the SmarAlign window which allows efficient adjustment using the PicoScale’s red pilot laser beam. The C01 sensor head’s very compact architecture within a titanium sleeve allows integration into almost every experimental setup. Please see our related adapters for 1″ and 1/2″ mounts.