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Sensor Head C02

Quick Facts

PicoScale sensor head with collimated probe beam for displacement measurements with long working distances.

Output beamDiameter Ø ≈ 1600 µm
TargetMirror or retro-reflector
Working distance0-1000 mm
SmarAlign windowNo
HousingØ 9 mm x 23 mm (material: titanium)

C02 Operation Principle

The C02 is a sensor head for the PicoScale with collimated probe beam. In the C02 sensor head, the laser beam is expanded to a beam diameter of about 1600 µm. This leads to a very low divergence allowing for displacement measurements with long working ranges and distances. Due to the enlarged spot size, this sensor head may be used in combination with retro-reflector targets to increase its angular working range significantly.