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PicoLine Products


The PICOSCAN Vibrometer is designed for high-resolution imaging of vibrational modes of micromechanical systems. This is achieved by raster-scanning a tightly focused laser beam of an interferometer over the sample. For each pixel of the microscopic image the amplitude and phase of the vibrations are measured which enables an accurate reconstruction of bending modes of up to 2.5 MHz. The PICOSCAN Vibrometer addresses the need for R&D and QC instrumentation that keeps pace with the ever increasing complexity of MEMS.



The PICOSCALE is a powerful tool for displacement measurements. It is an interferometric displacement sensor based on an extremely compact Michelson interferometer with picometer resolution. Real-time position measurements allow to track target velocities of up to 1 m/s. The target reflectivities can be chosen almost arbitrarily and long working ranges are possible. Numerous digital and analog input and output interfaces allow to easily integrate the PICOSCALE in complex experimental setups.


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Sensor Heads >

The PICOSCALE sensor heads are mandatory equipment to perform high resolution displacement measurements with your PICOSCALE. Within the heads, the interference pattern is formed, which contains the information on the target mirror’s position.

Breakout-Box >

The PICOSCALE Breakout-Box (BOB) provides simple and convenient access to the great signal variety of the PICOSCALE controller. Analog and digital GPIOs can be accessed via BNC connectors while the AquadB signals are mapped to D-Sub 15 connectors. Additionally, a 12V/250mA pin is provided to supply optional external circuitry.


PICOSCALE Software >

The PICOSCALE provides a number of software functions that add much more versatility to the system and make it a powerful tool for every lab. The very open architecture of the PICOSCALE allows to link different sub-systems of the PICOSCALE almost arbitrarily!


Environmental Module >

Variations in temperature, pressure and humidity (TPH) influence the refractive index of air with leads to virtual drifts of the optical path. The environmental module is an accessory for the PICOSCALE system. It tracks TPH data and the PICOSCALE controller efficiently corrects these virtual position drifts. Furthermore, the TPH data can conveniently be monitored in the PICOSCALE GUI.


Adapters and Supplementals >

Adapters, patch cords, vacuum feed-throughs, etc.