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Embedded Microsensor System

Embedded Microsensor System

OEM Controller for SmarAct Positioners (EMS 2D/ EMS 3D)

The Embedded Microsensor System (EMS) 2D for two channels and 3D for three channels are SmarAct‘s smallest control boards, perfectly suited for an integration into your own control systems. The extremly small footprint – 2D: 58 x 32 mm²; 3D: 76 x 60 mm² – makes it the best choice to control closed-loop axes with microsensors of OEM systems. The EMS is currently available in two different configurations to control two or three axes (one at a time).


compatible positioners

all SmarAct positioners with stick-slip drives and -I sensors


2 for 2D, 3 for 3D (one controllable at a time)

power supply

2D: 5-12 V / 12-24 V, 15W; 3D: 12-24V, 15W

positioner interface

2D: OEM board; 3D: 1 x DSUB 25, female

PC interface

two wire interface (TWI)


maximum 8 via TWI (depending on connected PC)

voltage range, max. current

0 .. 60 V, 250 mA


2D: 58 x 32 mm2; 3D: 76 x 60 mm2