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control: open-loop, closed-loop
sensor type: micro
control panels: 1

Micropositioning Made Simple With SmarAct’s Control Devices

The CU-1D and HCU-1D are simple devices for controlling any SmarAct open-loop positioner with sub-µm resolution. The HCU-1D has one single knob and an USB interface such that you can immediately start moving your positioner after connecting it.The CU-1D only has the computer interface. For the HCU-1D an LED Array displays the current speed level.

The CU-1DM and HCU-1DM enable you to control closed-loop positioners with integrated -M or -L sensor.

The CU-1D and HCU-1D controller provide an USB interface. You can use SmarAct’s stand-alone graphical user interface to control the connected positioners or develop your own software application by using SmarAct’s Dynamic Link Library or LabVIEW® driver.

Operation Mode



feedback loop

open-loop, closed-loop

sensor support


optional hand control (HCU)

module with control knobs and LED array (H)

Output Signals

voltage range

0 .. 100 V

maximum output current

170 mA


positioner interface

1 x DSUB 15, female

PC interface


power supply

12 V, 24 W

Integration of Controller


1-channel board


table-top (-TAB), single control board (-OEM)


software / drivers

Windows® (version 7 and higher) Driver,  LabVIEW® Driver

data cable

1.5 m USB cable

AC adapter

100 .. 240 V, 50 .. 60 Hz