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SmarPod and Universial Hand Controller

Smarpod Human Interface Device

Scalable Micro- and Nanopositioning Human Interface Device

The SmarPod Hand Controller makes it possible to control the SmarPod as well as any other SmarAct motion system in a convenient and easy way in all six degrees of freedom. Beside different speed levels and step sizes, it offers four quick save buttons to store and recall eight poses of the SmarPod or SmarAct positoners.
The controller can be connected to a USB port of the computer. By using LabVIEW or the provided C programming library you have the full control to the behavior of the buttons, rotaray knobs and programmable LEDs. The detailed documentation allows a simple commissioning of the Human Interface Device.
When using this controller with SmarAct’s SmarPods the hand module support will completly handled by the SmarPod Software and no further implemenation will be necessary.


compatible positioners

all SmarPod models, all SmarAct positioners and manipulators

control elements

open-loop, closed-loop

sensor support

6 knobs for cartesian coordinates
2 speed level buttons
4 double assigned quicksave buttons
mode button
emergency stop


USB 2.0


C/LabVIEW SDK, SmarPod controller