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SmarAct Software

SmarAct Software

Motion Control Made Easy

Our MCS controllers are bundled with software tools, such as the Precision Tool Commander and powerful programming interfaces.

Precision Tool Commander

  • Graphical software for controlling single positioners or positioning systems.

MCS Configuration Tool

  • Simple user interface to configure settings of all types of MCS controllers.

SmarPod Control Software

  • Simple user interface to configure settings of all types of SmarPod systems.


  • Programming interfaces for all SmarAct products.
  • C/C++ interface (Windows®, Linux, compatible with other programming languages) and LabVIEW® APIs are supported.
  • Functions for full control of all SmarPod models.

Precision Tool Commander – Powerful Control Software

Precision Tool Commander (PTC) is a graphical user interface for controlling SmarAct positioning systems. It is free for all SmarAct customers.

Precision Tool Commander

Positioners can be moved with a computer mouse or by entering positions with the keyboard.

Precision Tool Commander

Key Features

Configuration of Precision Tool Commander

  • The PTC version 2 supports MCS and SmarPod positioning systems.
  • All MCS can be controlled in open-loop, closed-loop and piezo-scan mode.
  • Multiple positioning systems can be used simultaneously.
  • The PTC can be configured to match the users hardware setup.
  • Configurations can be switched quickly.
  • Measuring equipment can be integrated through a software plug-in mechanism.
  • Support for new measuring hardware like power meters can be developed upon request.


Precision Tool Commander Scanning

PTC can record data from any connected sensor while scanning a 1D or 2D area. Measured data can be exported as image or CSV files.

Automatic Alignment

Precision Tool Commander Alignment

An advanced tool for aligning with up to six positioners simultaneously is integrated into the PTC as well. It uses an iterative algorithm to find the optimum configuration of the chosen parameters. Any supported sensor can be used as an indicator for alignment progress.

Typical applications: fiber coupling, beam-profiling, quality assurance and assistance for part assembly.

SmarPod Control Software

The SmarPod Control Software is a graphical user interface, included with every SmarPod to control all the features of SmarAct‘s 6D parallel kinematics.

SmarPod Control Software

Main Features of the SmarPod Control Software

  • Simple control of SmarPods.
  • Handles multiple SmarPod configurations.
  • Stores and recalls up to 10 SmarPod poses.
  • Moves SmarPods with a 6D mouse or the SmarPod hand controller.
  • Convenient adjustment of pivot point with the hand controller.
  • Most recent release also shows remaining travel for current position.