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Linear Positioners

SmarAct Linear Positioners

Based on our patented piezo driving technology, we are offering several lines of linear positioning systems. Some of those positioners are shown in the following section. The travel ranges of these positioners last from 4.5 mm to 1480 mm. With different types of sensors the systems reach a resolution of up to 1 nm or less with our new PicoScale Interferometer. Different kind of controllers allow a simple integration in your existing environment or in an independent setup. Please see an overview of all suitable controllers in the control system section. These linear piezo driven axes are suitable to combine different length and types to achieve a tailored system which fits perfect in your application. Some examples of these customized systems are shown in the section positioning systems or in the application example section of each product page.

Positioners from the SLC series are based on linear slides with crossed-roller bearings and are characterized by their high rigidity and straightness. They should be chosen for compact nanopositioning systems with or without sensor feedback. Based on the SLC series, the SHL line for heavy loads is available.
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SmarAct SLC Series
SmarAct SLL Series
Positioners from the SLL series are based on ball or crossed-roller bea- rings. The small slide in combination with a long rail makes it an interesting solution for long range positioning within limited space and a cost effective micro- and nanopositioning system.
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Positioners from the SL series are ultra-compact and based on slides with linear ball bearings. They are well-suited for micro-positioning systems, where space is the top priority.
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Heavy Load
Due to a sophisticated concept the positioners from the SHL series are able to lift samples with a weight of some kilos.
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