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SG-1730 Piezo Based Gripper Tool


resolution: < 10 nm
vacuum: down to 10-11 mbar
gripping force: 1 N
size: 17 x 31.6 x 9.5 mm3 (without jaw)

Piezo Based Gripper Tool

“Especially in automated microhandling the internal position sensors of the SLC series are of greatest importance since they provide feedback on the success of a gripping process.”

The SG-1730 micro-gripper tool uses an SLC-1730 positioner to move the attached gripper structure. The optional microsensor that is integrated in the SLC-1730 positioner gives a feedback on the position of the jaws and therefore allows a very accurate gripping. Furthermore, a feedback on the success of a gripping process is very useful in automated microhandling. All SG-17 micro-grippers are available with an integrated nano- (-S), cost effective nano- (-L) or microsensor (-M), if a sensor feedback is necessary for your specific application.

Mechanical Properties
gripping force

1 N

gripping time

< 10 ms

gripping resolution

< 10 nm

gripper opening

> 1 mm

gripper dimension

17 x 31.6 x 9.5 mm3


25 g

Materials and Vacuum Options
exchangeable jaws (-EX)
black anodized for optical applications (-BK)
-HV (10-6 mbar), -UHV / UHVT (10-11 mbar)
sensor feedback on request (-M, -L, -S)
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