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resolution: < 10 nm
gripping force: 3.5 N
size: 35 x 35 x 14 mm3 (without jaw)

Parallel Gripper with Force Feedback

A new addition to the SmarAct gripper lineup comes in the shape of a parallel twin-biaxial force feedback gripper. This system uses a different mechanism than the SG-1730 and SG-06 type grippers. All three concepts serve unique purposes and allow for fundamentally new approaches to your advanced handling demands.

The force-feedback gripper is equipped with one biaxial load cell per jaw, making it possible to detect both gripping force and orthogonal contact force individually for each jaw. Due to the perfectly parallel jaw movement, the gripping force orientation is constant over the entire travel range. This high level of flexibility makes the system ideal for handling variable or unreferenced workpieces.

A wide range of jaw geometries can be fitted and exchanged to accommodate specific applications.

Mechanical Properties
gripping force

3.5 N

gripping time

< 10 ms

gripping resolution

< 10 nm

gripper opening

> 10 mm

gripper dimension

35 x 35 x 14 mm3


40 g

Materials and Vacuum Options
exchangeable jaws (-EX)
black anodized for optical applications (-BK)
position sensor feedback (-M, -S)
Step FileTechnical Drawing