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Microscopy Stages

Fully Customizable and Universal Stage for Light Microscopy

When developing the SmarAct Microscopy Stage our aim was to produce a universal stage that can be fitted to microscopes of all major manufacturers. SmarAct’s motorized X-Y sample positioning systems allow travel ranges of up to 100 mm with nanoscopic resolution and the same repeatability our linear positioners provide. Based on our common knowledge for micro- and nanomanipulators, every microscopy stage can be upgraded with different 3D or 4D micromanipulators for most of the tasks you will encounter in your lab. According to this, you will be able to mount

  • pipettes, electrical probes or patch clamp holders
  • micro-knives, micro-grippers or needles,
  • as well as different other tools

directly to the stage or to the manipulator arms, to provide the most versatile solution for your applications and fundamental research experiments.

In addition to the standard universal object slide holder, SmarAct also provides a unified well-plate holder, petri dish holders and also a magnetic holder for an easy and fast exchanging of slides or coverslips for high throughput experiments.

With respect to your applications and experiments, the SmarAct microscopy stage is available as a standard coated or black anodized (-BK) version, to minimize any reflections of the used light sources.

The SmarAct Microscopy Stage will be controlled by our MCS controller, even in a newly developed noiseless mode. Besides this, the stage can be driven by different hand control devices or with the SmarAct Precision Tool Commander 2 or our Windows or Linux DLL drivers. Based on the control interface, the microscopy stage can easily be integrated into existing software frameworks. Even an integration into LabVIEW or the commonly known MicroManager is possible.

Based on our high quality nanopositioning, metrology and microassembly solutions we are proving every day that our fast „high-quality customization service“ allows you to accomplish your task in an optimal way. If you have any further requests with regard to the SmarAct Microscopy Stage and its accessories, e.g. for performance, function or dimensions, please do not hesitate to contact us. We will check your demands and react quickly with an innovative, application oriented approach.

This 2D Microscope Stage consists of two SLC-1780-S positioners and provides a working area of 51 x 51 mm2. The stage was designed to fit in all OlympusO© BX series microscopes. Due to the integrated nanosensors, this stage is used for ultra precise optical microscope applications. All parts can be black anodi- zed for optical applications upon request.