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SmarAct Nanometer Precision Opto - Mechanics

For opto – mechanical setups SmarAct offers a variety of piezo driven components. All of these opto – mechanical products can be used to simplify and improve your setup, especially in vacuum environments where chamber evacuating takes a long time. All of the products can be customized according to your application.

With SmarAct’s motorized iris diaphragms you can control remotely your optical setup. This is very useful for inaccessible setups, e.g. when working in an enclosed chamber or when automation is required. For automation our iris diaphragms can be equipped with optional micro- or nanosensors, providing a closed-loop control of the aperture. The differnt models of the iris diaphragm offer an aperture diameter from 0 to 50mm and are therefore suitable for a large field of applications. Furthermore a combination with our linear or rotary positioners is possible.

SmarAct Motorized Iris Diaphragm
The aperture can be adapted to your application and we also offer vacuum compatible iris diaphragms.
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The STT positioners are motorized tip-tilt mirror mounts. They can be controlled by a manual remote control device via USB, Ethernet or RS232. The Tip-Tilt devices are available for 0.5”, 1”, 1.5”, 2” mirrors but other sizes and configurations can be made upon request. We also use this kind of mirror mounts to simplify the alignment of the sensor heads from our PicoScale interferomter.
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SmarAct Motorized Tip-Tilt Mirror Mounts width=
SmarAct Motorized Filter Wheel
Motorized filter wheels are also available. If required by your application, special vacuum compatible versions can be made, too.
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Application Example for Opto-mechanics

SmarPod P-SLC with STT-25.4

SmarPod P-SLC with STT-25.4
Flange mounted UHV P-SLC-24 series SmarPod with an attached UHV 1″ tip-tilt mirror mount.