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SFW-9-25.4 Motorized Filter Wheel


Vacuum compatible customized motorized Filter Wheel SFW-9-25.4
Filter Wheels are available for HV- or UHV applications as well as for different filter diameters.

size: 114 x 121 x 33 mm3
vacuum: down to 10-11 mbar
rotation: 360 °
non magnetic: available

Motorized Filter Wheel

With SmarAct’s motorized filter wheels you can remote control your optical setup. This is very useful for inaccessible setups like when working inclosed in a chamber. Automation of the wheel is possible. In that case, our filter wheels have a microsensor integrated providing a feedback of the position. Our filter wheel SFW-9 possesses 9 fixtures for optical components with 1 inch (25.4 mm) diameter and is fully customizable.

Closed-Loop with -S
sensor resolution

15 µ°

Closed-Loop with -L
sensor resolution

60 µ°

closed loop resolution

1 m° (H)CU
60 µ° MCS

Closed-Loop with -M
sensor resolution

500 µ°

closed loop resolution

1 m° (H)CU
500 µ° MCS

Materials and Vacuum Options
steel base (-ST), titanium base (-TI)
non magnetic materials (-NM)
higher blocking force (-D)
-HV (10-6 mbar), -UHV / -UHVT (10-11 mbar)
filter size: 0.5″, 1″, 1.5″, 2″
fully customizable
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