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PicoScale Product Overview

The PicoScale is a powerful tool for displacement measurements. It is an interferometric displacement sensor based on an extremely compact Michelson interferometer with picometer resolution. Real-time position measurements allow to track target velocities of up to 1 m/s. The target reflectivities can be chosen almost arbitrarily and long working ranges are possible. Numerous digital and analog input and output interfaces allow to easily integrate the PicoScale in complex experimental setups.

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Main unit of the PicoScale, including stabilized laser source, signal processing and interfaces.

Sensor Heads

Various, customizable sensor heads for interferometric position measurements.


Accessory products, like a Breakout-Box and an Environmental Module, to adapt the PicoScale to your challenging demands.

Graphical User Interface

Graphical user interface (GUI) to control the PicoScale and its accessory products.

Software Modules

Introduction to the various software functions, building the core of the very open and flexible architecture of the PicoScale.

Applications and Performances

Selection of most common applications and performance measurements.