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Positioning Systems

SmarAct 3DR Wafer Handling System

3DR Wafer Handling System
Compact handling system for x-y-z movement and 360° rotation of a 4″ wafer.

SmarAct positioners can easily be assembled into complete micro- and nanopositioning systems. These can be simple manipulators as well as complex micro- and nanorobots.

You have the possibility to use our expertise in micro- and nanopositioning and let us configure and assemble a system that best meets your requirements.

The following pages show you a small selection of positioning systems that have been developed together with and for our customers – Get inspired.

This 2D Manipulator consists of two SLC-1780-S positioners mounted on top of each other. It provides a working area of 51 x 51 mm2. This manipulator can be be used down to ultra high vacuum.

Please note, that we can stack nearly all our positioners onto each other to build manipulators and stages with two or more degrees of freedom (DOF).

Technical Drawing
2D Manipulator SLC-1780 Positioners

3D Gimbal Mount SR-2812 Positioners
This 3D Gimbal Mount consists of three SR-2812 positioners and provide a working space of 360° x 180° x 360°. It is very compact and ideally suited for positioning systems with high demands on angular accuracy in all three Euler angles. This manipulator can be applied in high vacuum and can be customized to different loads.
Technical Drawing

This 2D Microscope Stage consists of two SLC-1780-S positioners and provides a working area of 51 x 51 mm2. The stage was designed to fit in all Olympus© BX series microscopes. Due to the integrated nanosensors, this stage is used for ultra precise optical microscope applications. All parts can be black anodized for optical applications upon request.
Technical Drawing
2D Microscope Stage SLC-1780 Positioners

3D Manipulator SLL SR-7012
This 3D Manipulator consists of two customized, SLL-based linear stages and a SR-7012. The manipulator was designed for 3D positioning of payloads approximately 300 g about 250 mm in vertical, horizontal and any hybrid orientations with the usual nanometer precision. This manipulator can be used in high vacuum environments like a SEM and can be customized to different payloads.

ANKA-IR Condenser Holder with motorized diaphragm – For experiments employing the Bruker Hyperion 3000© or comparable microscopes, SmarAct is pleased to offer a condenser holder in cooperation with the ANKA-IR group in Karlsruhe, Germany. The positioners are based on our piezo driving techniques and provide nm resolution at cm sized travel range. The ANKA IR condenser holder offers a working space of about 35 x 29 x 16 mm3, a resolution < 1 nm, a repeatability < 100 nm per axis, possible payloads up to 700 g as well as vacuum compatibility down to 10-6 mbar.
Technical Drawing
ANKA-IR Condenser Holder

Motorized Double Slit
The motorized double slit consists of four SLC-1730-S positioners and provides an aperture opening of 20 mm in x- and y-direction. This system is vacuum compatible and completely customizable. Different apertures can be integrated depending on your application.

This 3D Manipulator consists of three SLC-1730 positioners and provides a working space of 21 x 21 x 21 mm3. It is very compact and stiff and therefore ideally suited for nano-manipulations. This manipulator can be applied in high vacuum.
3D Manipulator SLC-1730 Positioners

8D Manipulator
This compact 8D Manipulator consists of two 3D manipulators, based on SLC-1720-S positioners. An additional SR-2013-S is able to rotate a sample, to enable further manipulation. A micro-gripper holder, compatible to our SG series as well as other 3rd party micro-grippers, is included.
Technical Drawing

Detail of a 2D stage with customized base plates for mounting different axes on top of each other.
Detail of a 2D stage with customized base plates for mounting different axes on top of each other.

High Precision Goniometer
High precision goniometer with 1D linear translation portal mounted on top of a SR-7012 rotary positioner.

This 4D manipulator consists of two SLC-2490-S and two SLC-2445-S positioners parallel to each other. Two goniometers rotate around a common eucentric point. The linear positioner along Z is supported by a constant force spring, increasing the possible permanent payload.
4D Manipulator SLC-2490 2445 Positioners

5D Manipulator SLC-17 Series
This 5D manipulator consists of SLC-17 series positioners for x, y and z movement and two goniometers rotating around a common eucentric point. The linear positioners along the z axis are supported by a constant force spring, increasing the allowed permanent payload.

The manipulator can also be ordered with the -HV or -UHV option making it high and ultra-high vacuum compatible.

Different combinations of SmarAct positioners can be used as optical fibre characterization and alignment system. The shown combination is an easy setup of 3D and 1D translation stages, based on our SLC-24 series positioners.

The fiber holders are connected to the 3D positioners and a wave guide measurement system can be set to the 1D positioner. In combination with a constant force spring, the 3D positioners are capable to lift payloads up to 400 g.

All of the used axes are equipped with a nanosensor, enabling a resolution of 1 nm and a repeatability of positioning of about 45 nm with a maximum speed of 20 mm/s.

Fibre Characterization and Alignment System

Non-magnetic Titanium SmarPod
Non-magnetic Titanium SmarPod P-SLC with a 2D Euler goniometer on top for UHV applications.

This 9D Manipulator demonstrates the micro-assembling capabilities of SmarAct‘s complete systems. Consisting of 7 SLC series positioners, one SR-2013 and an SG-1730 microgripper, all equipped with nanosensors, the Helix-Stacker is designed to build small helical structures out of glas balls. The system is automated, using the feedback of the positioners. After gripping and arranging the balls, an UV diode is used to cure the glue, which was deposited onto the balls. You can watch the according video at SmarAct‘s YouTube channel.
9D Manipulator Microassembly