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Automated FAC Alignment Station

The FAC Alignment Station automates the assembly of Fast Axis Collimation (FAC) lenses to laser diodes. The complete process, starting with contacting laser modules up to the final measurements of beam collimation after adhesive curing.
In less than 25 seconds, the alignment of the lens in front of a multi-emitter laser diode bar is achieved.


Process Steps

Loading: Upon loading, the laser modules are centered and connected automatically. The laser mount serves as heat sink.


Dispensing: Adhesive is dispensed in just the right amount. Here we employ a needle valve dispenser.

Gripping: A SmarAct micro gripper is used to manipulate the lens.

Active alignment: Sensor feedback from the beam analysis optics is used to precisely align the lens in front of the laser using a SMARPOD.

Post-cure measurement: After curing the final optical characteristics are measured.

Unloading: The assembled module is released to be unloaded.

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