Laser Beam Stabilizer

The Laser Beam Stabilizer is delivered as a complete system. It is a combination of various standard products from SmarAct and of components and software that were specially developed for this application. In addition, a small number of optical components are required that need to be matched to the wavelength and power of the used laser.

The Laser Beam stabilizer consists of the following hardware components:

  • MCS2: Controller for the motorized mirrors and for the feedback-loop
  • STT-25.4: Motorized tip-tilt mirror mount
  • QPD-vis or QPD-ir: Detector with quadrant photo diode for visible or NIR light


Additional components that depend on the optical design:

  • Mirrors, 1" diameter
  • Beam samplers
  • Opto-mechanical components to mount the elements
  • Laser line filters (not compulsory)
  • Neutral density filters (depending on the laser power)


The software is required to configure the laser beam stabilizer with a regular PC. An intuitive user interface and configuration wizard allow for an easy operation of the system.