The AVC OEM single board control system was exclusively designed to be integrated into existing electronics to drive a single piezo stage with external analog signals.

The AVC is an OEM single board control system, designed to be integrated into your own electronics. Thus, allowing you to design your own closed-loop control system for SmarAct open-loop stick-slip piezo stages by using external analog feedback signal. The AVC does not require to be connected to a computer which allows an easy integration into your products for different applications, such as beam stabilization and others.

Compatible Stages SmarAct stages with stick-slip drives
Channels 1
Feedback Loop Open-loop
Power Supply 12 ... 48 V, 24 W
Input Signals for Frequency and Direction

backward - 18.5 Hz @ -10 V ... 1 mHz @ -1 V
no movement between -1 V ... 1 V
forward - 1 mHz  @ 1 V ... 18.5 kHz @ 10 V

Input Signal for Step Size 0 V @ -10 V ... 100 V @ 10 V
Dimensions 100 x 60 mm² OEM board


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