Precision Tool Commander (PTC)

The Precision Tool Commander is the Main Graphical User Interface to Control your Positioning Stages and Systems

SMARPOD Control Software

The SMARPOD Control Software is a graphical user interface, which can control all current SMARPOD models.

Software Development Kits

Software Development Kits (SDKs) represent the keystone to build the bridge from your own control software into the world of SmarAct Control Systems

Control Systems & Software


Every successful positioning solution rests on at least two pillars. The first is defined by the mechanical part of the solution, the second by the electronics and software to control it. Our sophisticated and easy to use control systems together with our intuitive software solutions and software development kits (SDKs) are the basis for a fast and easy integration of our positioning technology into your application. SmarAct’s control system portfolio consists of a wide variety of components optimized for different applications and integration scenarios. From single channel hand held controllers up to rack mountable modules with up to 18 channels, we are able to equip you with the right tools.