The linear cryogenic stages are specialized versions of SLC Series stages. They completely retain the compact design of the room
temperature versions and are therefore ideally suited for limited spaces typically found in heat shields of cryostats. We use titanium for the base of the stages and solid-state coating as dry lubricants for our high precision bearings.
Materials are selected to match the thermal properties to prevent mechanical stress during cooling and heating cycles. This ensures long lifetime in cryogenic and ultra-high vacuum conditions.

The cryogenic option is available for many linear stages of the SLC Product Series. Please note that the following changes apply to the specifications given in the product specification tables.

  • Cryo SLC stages are about 60 % heavier because of the use of titanium as a base material compared to the standard aluminum versions of an SLC stage
  • Cryo SLC stages have a lower Blocking Force value of 2 N and also a lower Lift Force value of 1 N compared to  3.5 N and 1.5 N of non-cryo versions of SLC stages
  • Due to an application optimized piezo drive the travel range of the Cryo SLC-1722 is 6 mm.

Linear Stages with Cryogenic Option

SLC-1720 - Linear Piezo Stage

With a travel range of 12 mm and a max. normal load of 10 N the SLC-1720 masters all positioning demands.

SLC-1730 - Linear Piezo Stage

Second smallest stage of the SLC-17 series with the dimensions of 30 x 17 x 8.5 mm³

SLC-1740 - Linear Piezo Stage

The SLC-1740 comes in the dimensions of 40 x 17 x 8.5 mm³. This positioner features a travel range of 26 mm and a normal load of 30 N.

SLC-1750 - Linear Piezo Stage

SmarAct’s middle range positioner of the 17 series has the dimensions of 50 x 17 x 8.5 mm³. With a travel range of 31 mm and a normal load of 30 N it covers most of your applications demands.

SLC-1760 - Linear Piezo Stage

The SLC-1760 linear positioner with the dimensions of 60 x 17 x 8.5 mm³ features a travel range of 41 mm and a normal load of 30 N.

SLC-1770 - Linear Piezo Stage

SmarAct’s second longest positioner of the SLC-17 Series features dimensions of 70 x 17 x 8.5 mm³ with a travel range of 46 mm and a normal load of 30 N.

SLC-1780 - Linear Piezo Stage

SmarAct’s longest nanometer precision linear positioner of the SLC-17 Series with the dimensions of 80 x 17 x 8.5 mm³ is is the most stable of our linear positioners with a travel range of 51 mm.

SLC-2430 - Linear Piezo Stage

The SLC-2430 is the smallest stage of the SLC-24 series. It was designed to meet highest accuracy under more rigid conditions. It offers a travel range of 16 mm and is able to handle normal loads of 30 N.

SLC-2445 - Linear Piezo Stage

The SLC-2445 nanometer precision linear stage is able to handle higher normal loads of 30 N. Its travel range is 29 mm and its dimensions are 45 x 24 x 10.5 mm³.

SLC-2460 - Linear Piezo Stage

The nanometer precision liner stages SLC-2460 offers high straightness for allowing an excellent positioning accuracy. It has a travel range of 35 mm and a normal load of 30 N. Its dimensions are 60 x 24 x 10.5 mm³