SmarAct’s MLS Product Series consists of electromagnetic linear motors that are directed towards industrial applications, lab automation and compact positioning solutions where high speed, force and nanometer precise motion need to be paired with high duty cycles and durability.
The stages are equipped with SmarAct’s contactless linear motors free of wear and open up a field of application where highly dynamic processes require both high speed and nanometer precision simultaneously. The electromagnetic drive allows for speeds up to 1 m/s. In addition, they are durable, almost maintenance-free, and due to their compact size, seamless integration into existing equipment is addressed.

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MLS-3252 - Electromagnetic Direct-Drive

A miniaturized Electromagnetic Direct-Drive with 25 mm travel range.

MLS-5282 - Electromagnetic Direct-Drive

An Electromagnetic Direct-Drive with 38 mm travel range.

MLS-92122 - Electromagnetic Direct-Drive

A large high performance Electromagnetic Direct-Drive with 65 mm travel range.

SmarAct’s newest positioning stages are designed to be as compact as possible, as well as to be mechanically and electrically intercompatible with our standard size piezo-driven positioning systems. The stages are powered by the reliable MCS2-Controller series.
Customized Solutions are available upon request, feel free to contact us to find an optimal setup for your application.

Stages of the MLS Product Series are a new range of positioners designed to be fully compatible with the SmarAct Modular System. This compatibility allows not only to use the Modular Systems connecting elements with Direct-Drive stages, but also to use them side-by-side with piezo-driven stages in multi-dimensional positioning systems. Thus, allowing to choose the optimal drive technology for the specific application or the positioning task.
The MLS Product Series is complemented by standardized mounting elements, baseplates and pneumatic support systems for vertical operation to compensate for static or variable payloads. Cross series compatibility is achieved with the SmarAct Modular System which allows MLS stages to be easily combined with compatible rotation stages and piezo-driven linear stages of the CLS Series.

New driver boards in combination with an extended command set are seamlessly implemented in the MCS2 controller series, allowing for universal usability.

Simply extend the functionality of existing systems by adding stages with SmarAct’s new Direct-Drive Technology.

Compatibility to the SmarAct Modular System

Standardized connecting elements and a stringent compatibility with the SmarAct Modular System ensure MLS stages can be easily combined to multi-dimensional positioning systems.

All three MLS Product Lines are fully comptible to the SmarAct Modular System. Brackets, Parts and Adaptors can be shared between the MLS and CLS Series.

Application Example

Because of their high velocity and acceleration, Direct-Drives are perfectly suited for micro-assembly. In this example several XYZ MLS positioning systems are combined with CLS stages and SLC based gripper systems to perform fast and precise tasks on a micro-assembly line.