Attosecond and Ultrafast Optics at ICFO

We have developed a high resolution and high throughput spectrograph for attosecond soft x-ray spectroscopy. Key for compactness and precision alignment is a SmarPod from Smaract GmbH which positions a novel x-ray zone plate with three different gratings. This setup provides a maximum resolving power of 1/4000 and efficiency up to 25%.

Figure 1: Soft x-ray Spectrograph. Shown is the vaccum setup featuring the spectrograph chamber with Smaract GmbH SmarPod, beam pipe and cryo-cooled CCD camera. The entire spectrograph can also be used as scanning monochromator, or for quick spectral surveying.

Fig. 2: Soft x-ray spectrograph chamber. View inside the spectrograph chamber. The x-ray zone plate is precision alignment, or scanned, with a Smaract GmbH SmarPod. The zoneplate features three gratings out of which one is illuminated with an alignment laser.

Fig. 3: First light of the soft x-ray spectrograph. The CCD image shows a wide-spectrum image with focus at the carbon edge at 294 eV.

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