Lithography Mask Correction

In lithography, which is an essential technique for the fabrication of integrated circuits, structures down to nanometer size are transferred from photomasks to wafers. Any misalignment leads to mistakes in the patterns on the wafer and by that, to defective devices. Various correction techniques can help to minimize failures in the lithography process.
We offer positioning solutions combined with interferometry by SmarAct Metrology to correct the position of devices with nm accuracy in up to six degrees of freedom. SMARFLEX piezo scanners with travel ranges of 200µm, as well as SMARSLIDE piezo inertia drive stages provide the required precision. The result is a perfect alignment of mask and wafer at any time of the lithography process to ensure devices with highest quality.


CLS positioners with exchangeable drive units are the best choice for multi-axis setups in applications requiring high uptime.

PLF Series

Nanopositioning scanner stages with piezo-driven mechanical flexures.

Rotation Stages

Compact and high resolution rotation stages.

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