Quantum Computing with Cryo Stages

Quantum technology has moved from laboratories to technical applications in recent years. The biggest obstacle with quantum devices is the extreme environment in which they get manufactured and operate. For this application, systems must function under cryogenic temperature, high pressures and magnetic fields.

Our cryogenic positioning system, composed of easily combined titanium linear stages, holders and adapter plates, is a compact, modular and highly precise multi-axis setup that can be the perfect match for your quantum computing applications. Whether you need a XYZ System for light and electrical probing or a XYR System with a rotation stage to simply hold and position you sample, this product is the right choice for your application. It is equipped with cold plates and copper braids to ensure optimal heat transfer from the payload to the mounting base plate. This always ensures low temperatures.
The entire system as well as every single component can be customized to suit even the smallest available footprints and be connected to the cold fingers of a cryostat in the customer setup. The combination with SmarAct Interferometer as closed-loop feedback allows unmatched accuracy and stability even at mK temperatures.

Cryogenic Piezo Stages and Systems

Linear and rotation stages for high performance positioning under cryogenic conditions.

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