Assemblies for Angular Measurements

Each PICOSCALE controller has three fiber optic output channels. Thus, multi-dimensional measurements are possible by using two or three sensor heads in specific configurations. The powerful firmware module Calculation System can process the position data of the individual channels in real-time which can subsequently be output via the standard interfaces AquadB, Serial Data or streamed to the user PC. Additionally, the data can be used in SmarAct's MCS2 Controller as direct sensor data for angular feedback control without the need of a user PC and thus very low latencies.

Assembly with C01 sensor heads

This sensor head assembly utilizes three C01 sensor heads in a pre-aligned rectangular configuration and fits in any 1" optics mount. For fine-adjustment, the sensor heads can be individually aligned with small setscrews. The total angular range is determined by the angular tolerance of the individual sensor heads, which is about ±0.05 degrees.

Customized assemblies

We are very open and flexible to design customized sensor head mounts and assemblies which are optimized for your specific application. Do not hesitate to contact us to discuss requirements!