Whether your product is just a little more then an idea, you need technology for your semi-automated microassembly process or you want to scale your production with sophisticated active alignment algorithms, in SmarAct Automation you will find a partner.

Tailored to your products and processes we provide precise, fast and reliable solutions based on the most advanced products of the SmarAct group. SmarAct Automation offers process development for partially and fully automated systems that follow a concept of strict modularity for rapid development and future-proof integration of your microassembly processes into your production environment. Production of engineering samples and outsourcing manufacturing, and of course the mandatory maintenance and service packages around these systems complement our portfolio.

Process Development for Microassembly Challenges

Developing the assembly of your products into automated processes.

Desktop Solutions for Microassembly Projects

Easily transferable desktop solutions for the beginning of your product's life cycle.

Automation Stations for Microassembly Production

Fully automated production stations based on the microassembly platform P50.

Contract Manufacturing for Engineering and Series

Production of engineering samples and small series when a fully automated microassembly station is not an option yet.

Service Agreements

Towards a sustainable, long-term partnership with our customers. Our service and support policies reflect this commitment.

Automation Modules

The modular components of the P50 production system.

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