Microassembly platform with motion system

Customer applications can be realized on the SmarAct P50 manufacturing system offering a modular approach for the process implementation. Optional modules include a storage system which can be mounted on the side of the machine and a laminar flow module mounted on the roof of the enclosure. The drawing shows the external dimensions of the machine in its operational state including storage system and laminar flow module.

The system must be set up in such a way that accessibility from the front for the work area and from both sides for the infeed and main switch is guaranteed at all times. The system can weigh up to 1,400 kg. The operator interface is the control screen at the front of the system.

Cartesian gantry system

The Cartesian gantry system in the working area of the machine consists of the X and Y axes and, together with the granite work table, forms the movement system.

Recirculating ball screws and preloaded profiled rail guides are installed in both axes of the movement system. The guides are virtually maintenance-free thanks to an integrated lubrication system. Servomotors with absolute encoders enable high dynamics with high positioning accuracy. The additional integration of SmarAct METIRIO® optical linear encoders on the axes enables repeat accuracies of less than 4 µm to be achieved. The endeffector plate provides all the necessary contacts at the module interface (pneumatics, vacuum, signals, power).

Depending on requirements, the motion system can be extended with function modules.

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