Main axes

The cartesian gantry systems X and Y axes are equipped with absolute encoders and therefore do not need to be referenced. METIRIO® encoders are also installed in the axes to compensate for thermal drift and increase accuracy.

Motors with encoders are installed in the Z-axis and RZ-axis of the handling module, so the axes must be referenced after the system is powered up.

TVC to BVC Calibration

To enable coordinate transfer between the cameras, the Top View Camera (TVC) must be aligned with the Bottom View Camera (BVC). This is done by positioning the TVC over the BVC. An optical mark is already integrated into the BVC as an aid for this calibration.

This optical marker is mounted on a bracket and automatically swivels into the field of view of the cameras. Image recognition software can be used to determine the position of the marker in both images and thus calibrate the viewing axes of the two cameras in relation to each other. This procedure can be automatically integrated into the process to continuously compensate for thermal and other effects.

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