The MLL-400 is an electromagnetic direct drive that offers two travel options - one with a large travel range of up to 300 mm and a second with a reduced travel range of 200 mm for increased precision. The MLL-400 can be used in the P50 automation platform to perform precise positioning tasks because it can move large loads even at high speeds. With continuous forces up to 6 N and peak forces up to 18 N, the MLL-400 supports a variety of micro-assembly applications that require precise handling and alignment of small components. The P50 platform, complemented by the MLL-400, provides an adaptable and robust solution for demanding micro-assembly applications, especially in areas where miniaturization and high precision are critical.


Long Travel Electromagnetic Direct Drive


The TRIPOD 400-6DoF has six degrees of freedom and is fully based on SMARSHIFT high-precision electromagnetic direct drives.
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