Process data and DHR data processing

Process data can be recorded and exported in popular formats such as XML. Additional data such as TVC records can also be recorded and archived.

For Device History Record (DHR), process data can be recorded and exported according to the associated serial number.

The control software also has a comprehensive logging system. Messages from each software component can be tracked in a log rotation. In addition to the log messages, the category, time stamp, process and thread ID, and reporting system component are recorded. In the event of an error, possible causes can be quickly identified.

Software and human-machine interface

The machine is operated via the integrated touch screen.

The control software offers an intuitive user guidance concept that adapts to the operator's role. By distinguishing between different operator groups, access to the control system's functions can be expanded or restricted. For operators in the first group, the control system provides access to automatic mode and guides the operator through the process with process-specific instructions and notes.

In the second operator group, a system administrator, for example, can access advanced functions in manual mode to troubleshoot simple errors. The third group of operators allows developers to customize programmed sequence controls, manual axis control, device parameterization, tooling, and vision in setup mode.

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