Differential Measurements

PICOSCALE sensor heads of the C01 type offer the possibility to use an external reference mirror so that only path length differences between two objects are measured. This way, direct differential measurements can be realized in order to suppress the influence of various unwanted influences:

  • Thermal expansion and vibrations between sensor head and target
  • Air turbulences are minimized

When using more than one sensor head, data can be processed in real-time using the built-in firmware module Calculation System.

Pre-aligned differential measurement assembly

For most typical applications, we offer a pre-aligned assembly with two parallel output beams. These can be directed to two individual target mirrors and the differential displacement can be measured with a single sensor head!

Additionally, this assembly can be used to measure the tilt of an object with a single sensor head.

A document comparing the performance of the differential sensor head assembly with a standard head can be found here.

Please contact us to discuss technical details and find the optimal solution for your differential measurement task.