The MLS product series offers SMARSHIFT® electromagnetic linear motors for industrial applications, laboratory automation and compact positioning solutions where high speed, force and nanometer- precise motion must be paired with high duty cycle and durability. The stages are equipped with non-contact linear motors, opening up a field of applications where highly dynamic processes require high speed and nanometer accuracy at the same time. The electromagnetic drive enables speeds of up to 1 m/s. In addition, they are durable and virtually maintenance-free. Their compact size ensures seamless integration into existing systems.

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MLS-3252 - Electromagnetic Direct-Drive

A miniaturized Electromagnetic Direct-Drive with 25 mm travel range.

MLS-5282 - Electromagnetic Direct-Drive

An electromagnetic direct drive with 38 mm travel range.

MLS-92122 - Electromagnetic Direct-Drive

A large high performance electromagnetic direct drive with 65 mm travel range.