Linear Stages

Several lines of high precision linear positioning stages.

Rotation Stages

Compact and high resolution rotation stages.

High Load Stages

Vertical stages especially designed to handle heavy loads.

Goniometer Stages

Piezo driven Goniometer Stages which are stackable and allow to create multi-dimensional Euler positioning systems

Positioning Systems

Most applications in academia and industry require more than one degree of freedom when it comes to the precise positioning of samples, tools or equipment.

Hexapod-Like Systems

Compared to serial kinematics, hexapod-like systems offer higher stiffness enabling high dynamic applications.


Versatile gripper solutions for handling small and fragile objects.

Environment-Specific Stages and Systems

High precision stages and systems for the use in specific environments such as cryogenic temperatures, ultra high vacuum, high radiation and high magnetic fields.

Control Systems and Software

Sophisticated and easy-to-use control systems paired with intuitive software solutions and development kits

Engineering Services

Does our product portfolio not yet cover your application? Then we will be happy to develop the right product for you.