SMARBOTIC Technology

The ongoing miniaturization in many technology areas requires new and high-precision tools. SMARBOTIC systems enable alignment and manipulation of samples and tools on the nanometer scale in multiple degrees of freedom.

SMARBOTIC offers a wide range of multi-axis manipulator systems, optimized for different application scenarios in industry and research. Standard products such as SmarPod and TriPod allow rapid integration into customer setups. SMARBOTIC also offers customization of standard systems as well as the development of highly specialized manipulation systems according to customer specifications.

Versatile and Modular

SMARBOTIC systems combine linear, rotational and goniometric axes in a modular way leading to serial, parallel or hybrid kinematics.

Highly Customizable

SMARBOTIC systems can be designed and manufactured entirely according to your application. We are happy to develop special solutions according to your requirements. Benefit from our experience in the development of special systems for many well-known customers.

High Resolution

SMARBOTIC systems have a backlash-free mechanical design achieving a movement performance in the same order of magnitude as for our single stages and high repeatability.

Compact Design

SMARBOTIC systems are designed in the most compact way to realize smallest footprints while providing maximum travel ranges.

Vacuum Compatibility and Non-Magnetic Materials

Most of our SMARBOTIC positioning systems are available in vacuum compatible versions down to 1E-11 mbar and non-magnetic versions.

TRIPOD - Hexapod-like

A Hexapod-like Positioning System combining Serial and Parallel-Kinematic Approaches.

SMARPOD - Hexapod-like

A Hexapod-like Positioning System with 6 DoF and Definable Pivot Point

Typical Positioning Systems

Within the scope of the SmarAct modular system, fully pre-built and pre-configured positioning systems are available.

SmarAct Modular System

SmarAct's modular system allows to combine compatible SmarAct stages to form complex and reconfigurable positioning setups.

SMARGON - Microrobot

A Versatile High Precision Robotic Positioning System with 6 DoF

Motorized Opto-Mechanics

Compact and Modular Solution for optical setups and experiments in the field of optics.

Microscope Stages

Microscope stages and manipulatores for presice positioning of slides and well plates for in-situ sample manipulation.


Versatile gripper solutions for handling small and fragile objects.