SMARSHIFT Technology

SMARSHIFT stages feature electromagnetic motors for industrial applications, laboratory automation and compact positioning solutions where high speed, force and nanometer-precise motion must be paired with high duty cycle and durability.

The electromagnetic drives enable speeds of up to 1 m/s. In addition, they are durable and virtually maintenance-free. SMARSHIFT positioning stages are designed to be as compact as possible, as well as to be mechanically and electrically intercompatible with SmarActs SMARSLIDE positioning systems. This compatibility allows not only the use of the modular system’s connecting elements but also side-by-side use with piezo-driven stages in multi-dimensional positioning systems.

Compact Design

SMARSHIFT stages tackle the limits of the trade-off between force and volume. The tables feature both compact size and long life.


Electromagnetic direct drives exhibit reduced wear compared to intertial drives. Following this, SMARSHIFT stages stand out with increased mileage, lifetime and duty cycle.


Due to the in-house development and manufacturing of all core components, SMARSHIFT stages and positioning systems can be adapted to your requirements within short time periods.

Dynamic Performance

SMARSHIFT stages provide increased force and allow for high accelerations and velocities respectively. They are therefore ideal for applications that require high dynamic performance.

Long Travel Range

The travel range of moving coil stages - such as the MLL series - are only limited to the variable magnet array length. Convenient cable management solutions empower your long travel application.


Long Travel Electromagnetic Direct Drive


Long travel electromagnetic direct drive with different length.

MLS-3252 - Electromagnetic Direct-Drive

A miniaturized Electromagnetic Direct-Drive with 25 mm travel range.

MLS-5282 - Electromagnetic Direct-Drive

An electromagnetic direct drive with 38 mm travel range.

MLS-92122 - Electromagnetic Direct-Drive

A large high performance electromagnetic direct drive with 65 mm travel range.


The MR-9224 is a direct-drive rotational stage. It features high mileage, torque and speed combined with highest accuracy. It is mechanically compatible to our stages of the series CLS-92 and MLS-92.


The MR-30028 is a direct-drive rotational stage with a diameter of 300 mm and a large aperture of 110 mm.

Engineering Services

Does our product portfolio not yet cover your application? Then we will be happy to develop the right product for you!