The SMARPROBE was developed to take nanometer-resolved closed-loop probing to the next level. It comes with 4 or 8 closed-loop manipulators.

The SMARPROBE SP4 is a probing system with up to 4 manipulators while the SMARPROBE SP8 comes with up to 8 manipulators. Each of the manipulators has 3 degrees of freedom and is equipped with nanometer-resolution optical encoders for high precision electrical probing. Smart positioning routines implemented in the dedicated control software and the ability to load up to four SEM sample stubs increase operating ease and overall throughput of any nano-probing task. The robust mechanical design ensures highest stability and ease of operation. The probing systems are compatible with a wide variety of FIBs, SEMs and optical microscopes and are thus perfectly suited to retrofit existing probing setups and for the integration into new instruments. The SMARPROBE probing systems allow for electrical characterization techniques from 2-contact EBIC/EBAC up to 4- and 6-point probing measurements which makes the SMARPROBE an indispensable tool for your failure analysis laboratory. Additionally, you can add the L-Extension for closed-loop temperature control with multiple sensors. By adding this option to your SMARPROBE system, extremely low values for thermal drift can be achieved.

SMARPROBE Nanoprober System
SP4 / SP8
Manipulator with Probe Mount XYZ closed-loop
Number of Manipulators ≤ 4 / ≤ 8
Sample Stage XYZ closed-loop
Control Point & Click, Joystick
Probing Area [mm] 25 x 25
Scan-Range in XYZ1 [µm] 3
Thermal Drift2 [nm/min] 1 - 10

1 Distance that can be travelled without stick-slip events of the positioner occurring, operating the prober within its scan-range helps to minimize vibrations. The scan-range can be increased to 10 µm with the optional X-extension

2 Depends on the operating conditions, For a thermal drift <1 nm/min

  • Specification Sheet - SMARPROBE SP4 & SP8
    Nov 16, 2021
  • Application Note - Nanoprobing 14 nm transistors using the SMARPROBE
    Nov 16, 2021

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