SMARPROBE Customization

Configure the SMARPROBE to your exact needs.

You are interested in a SMARPROBE system but haven't found the exact configuration that you need? No problem, all systems can be customized and extended according to your exact specification and budget. Examples are:

  • Reduce the amount of manipulators
  • Select only the L- or X-Extension
  • Equip only a single manipulator with an Advanced Probe Holder
  • Temperature stage for the sample holder (-20°C to +120°C)
  • Add an optical microscope to obtain a complete microprobing setup
  • Replace the standard Coax connectors with Triax connectors

You are interested in a SMARPROBE system but are unsure how to integrate it in your system? Together with our partners we have ample experience in the integration in SEMs, optical microscopes and the interfacing with the necessary electronics. We are happy to advice or even to carry out the integration process for you.

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