PICOSCALE Firmware Modules

Convince yourself of the unique and powerful firmware modules of the PICOSCALE Interferometer.


Firmware Modules

The PICOSCALE provides a number of unique firmware modules that can be linked almost arbitrarily. Ultra-fast response times are  realized as all modules directly run on the controller itself to easily set up complex experiments without programming software code.

Fast Trigger Pulse Processing for:

  • Synchronization with master clock of external devices
  • Triggered data acquisition
  • Alert system in case of unforeseen events, e.g. loss of optical signal, to be used as an emergency stop of external motion systems


Real-time Data Processing for:

  • Calculation of angles
  • Scaling of results
  • Output of position data via the GPIO interface within control loops
  • Output of functions based on user defined look-up tables

Arbitrary Function Generator for:

  • Basic signal generator functionality (sine, square, sawtooth, custom)
  • Excitation of targets and analysis of their frequency response with 1 mHz to 2.5 MHz

Generate Your Own System Clock for:

  • Timing of internal or external processes
  • Generation of periodic trigger events with 1 mHz to 10 MHz

Counter Module Used for:

  • Counting of user defined trigger events
  • Counting the clock pulses between trigger events
  • Counting of system clock pulses for absolute timing of data

Configuration of Data Stream to User PC:

  • Up to 10 MHz data rate
  • Many options to filter data
  • Connected to trigger module for synchronized data acquisition


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