Engineering Service Providers

Engineering Service is a growing part of the global research and development sector. Companies in all kind of fields are looking for opportunities to outsource certain tasks to engineering service providers while focusing on their own core business. Hence, engineering service providers stock up on a wide range of equipment to deal with highly dynamic and experimental setups that need to be adjusted regularly.

SmarAct offers a broad and very flexible portfolio of high precision positioning and metrology solutions that are perfectly aligned to the needs of such engineering service providers. For example,  several stages of the SmarAct Modular System can be stacked and combined to obtain a positioning system for all degrees of freedom with standardized junctions. The PICOSCALE Interferometer provides displacement data with nanometer accuracy and can be combined with the Breakout Box to record or output analog electrical signals which are accurately synchronized with interferometer-specific data. All of SmarAct's products can be programmed with a unified programming interface. This allows to efficiently react to modified measurement or positioning tasks and minimizes set-up times.

To address the need of calibration laboratories, the PICOSCALE Vibrometer as a turn-key device is used perform quality control measurements of acceleration sensors, ultrasonic transducers or other samples. The flexible sensor head can be optimized for a variety of microscopic samples.

Featured Products

SmarAct Modular System

SmarAct's modular system allows to combine compatible SmarAct stages to form complex and reconfigurable positioning setups.

SMARPOD - Hexapod-like

A Hexapod-like Positioning System with 6 DoF and Definable Pivot Point


SmarAct offers a range of measurement solutions that are widely applied in industrial and academic settings.