SmarActs Exchangeable Drive-Units (EDU) are the solution for all industrial and high availability applications of stick-slip piezo drives. Due to their operation principle all stick-slip piezo stages suffer from wear when being used excessively over time. Until now, the complete stage had to be unmounted from the positioning system and sent back for service and repair whenever the drive’s friction element was worn out or the drive showed a malfunction. This lead to a downtime of the positioning system.

CLS-3232 with Exchangeable Drive-Unit

The CLS-Series has been especially designed for high availability applications in science and industry. The stages are equipped with SmarActs Exchangeable Drive-Units which guarantees an easy access to the stages core component.

SMARPOD CLS-32 with Exchangeable Drive-Units

The SMARPOD CLS-32 is equipped with Exchangeable Drive Units and is perfectly suitable for all high availability applications


These unique and patented Drive-Units have been developed to make the stick-slip piezo drive serviceable on site and to remove the necessity to fully disassemble the positioning system for repairs. The Exchangeable Drive-Units were designed to directly add value for customers in many ways:

Serviceable on-site

The Exchangeable Drive-Units are factory-tested and preset so that one only needs to remove two screws to replace the module. The sophisticated design of the EDUs makes the exchange a simple task that can be performed by the user without a service technician.

Upgradeable and Futureproof

The concept of Exchangeable Drive-Units also allows to adapt stages to new usage scenarios or new drive technologies. This enables users to tune their positioning systems by exchanging the core components that defines speed, strength and accuracy whenever requirements change.

Planable Service Intervals

Due to the simplicity of the mounting process of the EDUs, their exchange can be planned and  synchronized with other maintenance tasks on the components of the machine or assembly line.
As EDUs are shipped in a sealed and stockable packaging, exchanging of systems EDUs could become a part of a scheduled maintenance.

Reduce Downtime

Stages equipped with EDUs do not need to be removed from the positioning system when exchanging a Drive-Unit.
Therefore, taught poses, saved positions and calibration data stay valid even when exchanging the core component of a stage.

One for Many

Exchangeable Drive Units are interchangeable across compatible product series. This allows users to stock EDUs to have spare parts ready when they are needed.

Cost-effective Solution

Compared to the acquisition costs of complete stages as spares, EDUs are only a fraction of the costs.


EDUs are currently available in SmartAct’s new product series of CLS linear stages and CHL lifting stages. All CLS and CHL stages are drop-in replacements for their SLS and SHL counterparts. This makes CLS and CHL stages a part of the SmarAct Modular System as they share connecting elements, mounting hole patterns and outer dimensions with the SLS and SHL product series.
Stages equipped with EDUs are fully compatible with all SmarAct Control Systems which guarantees an easy integration into already existing positioning systems and control infrastructure.

Application Example

Complex positioning systems like the depicted SMARPOD CLS-32 (a parallel kinematic with 6 DoF) that are being used for many positioning tasks in science and industry benefit the most from Exchangeable Drive-Units as their axis arrangement remains unchanged and they do not require reteaching of poses after the exchange of a Drive-Unit.