Miniaturized linear stage based on SmarAct's Hybrid-Drive Technology fully compatible to the SLS-32 Modular System


Hybrid-Drive Stages combine the advantages of long travel range Stick-Slip Stages and high resolution Piezo Scanners

Hybrid-Drive Technology


SmarAct’s Hybrid-Drive Technology combines the advantages of a stick-slip drive and a piezo scanner in a single and compact device.
While classic stick-slip stages offer travels on the millimeter-scale, their vibration-free scan-range is limited to a few micrometers. On the other hand, piezo based scanning stages offer much larger scanning ranges but are not able to change the location of the scanning region.
The Hybrid-Drive combines the advantages of both device types by integrating a dedicated piezo scanner into a SmarAct stick-slip stage instead of stacking two dedicated stages on top of each other.
This brings the advantage that both stick-slip actuator and scanner can use the same feedback-signal for closed-loop positioning. By combining both the mechanical parts and the drive signals of both device types, the Hybrid-Drive only acquires a single channel of the MCS2 control system which makes it a cost-efficient solution for applications where large travel ranges need to be combined with precise positioning and accurate scanning. If a higher scan frequency is required, the driving signals of the stick-slip and the scanner drive can be separated.

Stages of the DLS Hybrid-Drive Product Series are a new range of positioners designed to be fully compatible with the SmarAct Modular System. Hybrid-Drive stages with 52 mm width can be combined with SGO goniometer stages and SLS-52 linear stages as well as compatible rotation stages.

This compatibility allows not only to use the Modular Systems connecting elements with Hybrid-Drive stages, but also to use them side-by-side with piezo-driven stages in multidimensional positioning systems, thus allowing to choose the optimal drive technology for the specific positioning task of each axis. Stick-slip stages of the SLS Product Series are a cost-efficient choice if large travel is needed. Whenever a large travel range in combination with a significantly larger scan range is required, DLS Hybrid-Drives are the best solution.



Application Example

Comparison between the scan ranges (green rectangles) of two micro-manipulators for optical or scanning electron microscopy. The XYZ DLS-3232 based manipulator (shown on the left) inherits the new Hybrid-Drive Technology whereas the XYZ SLS-3232 based manipulator (shown on the right) relies on the classic Stick-Slip Drive Technology.

XYZ DLS-3232
XYZ SLS-3232
Drive Type Hybrid Stick-Slip
Degrees of Freedom 3 3
Linear Stages XYZ DLS-3232 SLS-3232
Travel XYZ [mm] 21 21
Scan Range XYZ [µm] >10 >1.5
Payload [N] 1.5 1.5
Resolution MCS2 [nm] 1 (S) 1 (S)
Dimensions [mm], L x W x H 47 x 32 x 37 47 x 32 x 35