SmarAct’s hybrid drives combine the advantages of stick-slip drives and piezo scanners in a single, compact device. The hybrid drives consist of two drive units – the stick-slip unit, which drives the center part of the stage and thus the entire cover plate, and the scanner unit, which drives the outer frame part of the cover plate relative to the center part. Both the stick-slip drive and the scanner can use the same feedback signal for closed-loop positioning.

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DLS-3232 - Hybrid-Drive

Miniaturized linear stage based on SmarAct's hybrid drive technology which is fully compatible to the CLS-32 modular system.

DLS-5252 - Hybrid-Drive

Hybrid drive stages combine the advantages of long travel range stick-slip stages and high resolution piezo scanners.

SmarAct’s Hybrid-Drive Technology combines the advantages of a stick-slip drive and a piezo scanner in a single and compact device.
While classic stick-slip stages offer travels on the millimeter-scale, their vibration-free scan-range is limited to a few micrometers. On the other hand, piezo based scanning stages offer much larger scanning ranges but are not able to change the location of the scanning region.
The Hybrid-Drive combines the advantages of both device types by integrating a dedicated piezo scanner into a SmarAct stick-slip stage instead of stacking two dedicated stages on top of each other.
This brings the advantage that both stick-slip actuator and scanner can use the same feedback-signal for closed-loop positioning. By combining both the mechanical parts and the drive signals of both device types, the Hybrid-Drive only acquires a single channel of the MCS2 control system which makes it a cost-efficient solution for applications where large travel ranges need to be combined with precise positioning and accurate scanning.

Stages of the DLS Hybrid-Drive Product Series are a new range of positioners designed to be fully compatible with the SmarAct Modular System. Hybrid-Drive stages with 52 mm width can be combined with CGO goniometer stages and CLS-52 linear stages as well as compatible rotation stages.

This compatibility allows not only to use the Modular Systems connecting elements with Hybrid-Drive stages, but also to use them side-by-side with piezo-driven stages in multidimensional positioning systems, thus allowing to choose the optimal drive technology for the specific positioning task of each axis. Stick-slip stages of the CLS Product Series are a cost-efficient choice if large travel is needed. Whenever a large travel range in combination with a significantly larger scan range is required, DLS Hybrid-Drives are the best solution.

Application Example

Comparison between the scan ranges (green rectangles) of two micro-manipulators for optical or scanning electron microscopy. The XYZ DLS-3232 based manipulator (shown on the left) inherits the new Hybrid-Drive Technology whereas the XYZ CLS-3232 based manipulator (shown on the right) relies on the classic Stick-Slip Drive Technology.

XYZ DLS-3232
XYZ CLS-3232
Drive Type Hybrid Stick-Slip
Degrees of Freedom 3 3
Linear Stages XYZ DLS-3232 CLS-3232
Travel XYZ [mm] 21 21
Scan Range XYZ [µm] >10 >1.5
Payload [N] 1.5 1.5
Resolution MCS2 [nm] 1 (S) 1 (S)
Dimensions [mm], L x W x H 47 x 32 x 39.2 48.5 x 32 x 54