Industrial Research and Development

Components for industrial research and development typically require a high degree of reliability and robustness as they are often part of large, complex systems. SmarAct's positioning and metrology solutions provide the high precision modern R&D facilities ask for. They are suitable for extreme environments like cryogenic temperatures, ultra-high vacuum or hard x-ray radiation. Thus, our positioning systems often enable technologies for many applications. The PICOSCALE Vibrometer and Interferometer are appreciated metrology equipment that play increasing roles in R&D laboratories around the world.

Due to their broad experience, our technical sales team is able to assist you in finding the most suitable solution from our portfolio efficiently or help developing customized positioning or metrology systems. Do not hesitate to contact us!


Featured Products


Despite its small size the miniaturized SMARPOD 70.42 is able to handle payloads of up to 5 N.

SR-2812-CR - Cryogenic Rotation Stage

A Cryo Rotation Stage which dimensions perfectly matches multi-axis SLC-24 positioning systems