Nano-precision electrical probing with SmarAct's SMARPROBE

Exceptional performance

  • Full area probing on 25 mm x 25 mm with nanometer closed-loop resolution
  • Low thermal drift and vibration-free fine positioning
  • Low noise in-situ current amplifier and auto-touch function


Easy to use

  • „Point & Click“ and joystick control
  • Group Movements and Step & Repeat
  • Fast and easy mounting into SEM


Fully configurable

  • Optional etching station for probe production
  • Optional heating/cooling stage
  • Use with SEM or optical microscope

Product Presentation

Application Examples

For an overview of all application notes click here.


The SMARPROBE system can be used to probe even the smallest technology nodes due to the high precision of the SmarAct drives and the active temperature control which enables low thermal drift of the probes.

The closed-loop positioning allows the user to position the tips to the point-of-interest in very short time and with as little electron beam exposure as possible. The safe-approach movement and the large scan range will reduce the risk of damage to the tips and the sample during fine-positioning. The resulting longevity of the tips combined with the ability to load several samples give you the possibility to greatly improve the sample through-put.


Electron Beam Absorbed Current (EBAC)

The SMARPROBE system can be upgraded with a current amplifier implemented directly into the probe holder. It is possible to switch between nanoprobing and current amplification with just one click. The short local distance between probe and amplifier guarantees lowest measurement noise and high measurement bandwidths. The current amplification is typically used for failure analysis techniques such as Electron Beam Absorbed Current (EBAC) or Resistive Contrast Imaging (RCI), to locate disconnects or shorts within metal lines or VIAs. An example of analyzing the metal line network using EBAC is shown in the image.


Key Specifications

SmarActs's Nanoprober is available in various configurations and with multiple options and customization levels. The table below provides an impression of the key specifications. For each product of the SMARPROBE family, a detailed specification sheet is available at the download section.

SMARPROBE Nanoprober
Manipulator with Probe Mount XYZ closed-loop
Number of Manipulators ≤ 8
Sample Stage XYZ closed-loop
Probing Area [mm] 25 x 25
Scan-Range in XYZ1 [µm] > 13
Thermal Drift2 [nm/min] < 1
Cleaning Plasma Cleaning Compatible
Probe Mount3 Standard 0.25 or 0.5 mm diameter Tungsten probes
Electrical Connection4 Coax

1 Distance that can be travelled without stick-slip events of the positioner occurring, operating the prober within its Scan-Range helps to minimize vibrations. The listed scan-range is available with the optional X-Extension

2 With the optional L-Extension

3 Optionally with integrated Probe-Sensor to detect contact with the sample

4 Also available with Triax connection