CLS-5282 - Linear Stage with EDU

The larger of the CLS-52 linear stages offer a footprint of 52 x 82 mm², a travel range of 51 mm and an aperture of 9 mm in diameter. Furthermore it is able to handle payloads of up to 20 N.

Linear stages of the CLS-Series have been especially designed for high availability applications in science and industry. They are equipped with SmarActs Exchangeable Drive-Units which guarantees an easy access to the stages core component, the piezo-drive which makes servicing an easy task. The Drive-Unit can be exchanged without the need to remove the complete device from the surrounding positioning setup. They are the perfect option whenever modularity and easy configuration are the top level requirements.

From a performance point of view the CLS-5282 stages are on par with their SLS-5282 counterparts. Learn more ...

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Download Spec Sheet Mechanical
Travel [mm] 51
Blocking Force [N] ≥ 3.5
Max. Normal Force [N] 20
Max. Lift Force [N] > 1.0
Dimensions [mm] 52 x 82 x 14
Weight [g] 157
Velocity [mm/s] > 20
Resolution [nm] < 1
Closed-Loop Resolution MCS2 [nm] 1 (S), 4 (L)
Closed-Loop Repeatability, Full Stroke MCS2 [nm] ±50, ±100
Closed-Loop Resolution (H)CU [nm] 50 (L)
Closed-Loop Repeatability, Full Stroke (H)CU [nm] ± 1000 (L)
Material Options Aluminum base as standard; Titanium base (-TI)
Vacuum Options HV (1E-6 mbar); UHV / UHVT (1E-11 mbar)
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    Mar 02, 2020
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    Nov 13, 2019


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